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November 10, 2016 00:05

Benign tumors of the nasopharynx .Causes.Symptoms .Diagnostics.Treatment

most common benign tumors of the nasopharynx and a juvenile papilloma (Youth) angiofibroma.

Papilloma often localized to the posterior surface of the soft palate, at least on the side and back walls of the nasopharynx.Papillae of this localization is slightly more common in males.The tumor has a characteristic form: it is grayish, broad-based, with a grainy surface.Isolated nasopharyngeal lesion occurs very rarely.The final diagnosis is based on histological examination of the data.

surgical treatment.Papillae can be removed using an ultrasonic disintegrator, laser beam or Surgitron.

Juvenile angiofibroma - one of the most common tumors of the nasopharynx, has locally destruirujushchego growth occurs on the basis of the nasopharynx in boys and young men.

Histologically, the tumor consists of connective tissue and blood vessels of varying degrees of maturity.Vascular elements are arranged randomly and presented a set of vascular lesions with thickened walls or istonchёnnymi.

clinical picture is qui

te characteristic.The tumor grows relatively quickly.Progressively worsening nasal breathing.In addition to the difficulty of nasal breathing gradually reduced hearing in one, sometimes in both ears.For angiofibroma characterized by nosebleeds.As the tumor growth rate and increased frequency of bleeding.Because nasopharyngeal angiofibroma penetrates into the nasal cavity and paranasal sinuses, especially in the sphenoid sinus.The tumor can cause the destruction of the skull base and penetrate its cavity.This joins the listed symptoms headache.

At the rear rhinoscopy or fiberscopes reveal bluish-dense hilly education on a broad basis.Valuable information can be obtained by X-ray, CT scans in particular.

surgical treatment.The main difficulty in carrying out operations for angiofibroma - profuse, the patient's life-threatening bleeding.Recommended by some authors how tumor sclerosis to reduce intraoperative bleeding through the introduction of alcohol or formalin ineffective.Education of patients with this purpose as unjustified.

tumor removed from a wide outdoor access: produce section of Moore, sometimes with dissection of the upper lip in the midline.Pre ligated external carotid artery on the side of the tumor (rarely both external carotid arteries).Pre-ligation of the external carotid artery leads to a significant reduction in intraoperative blood loss;a frontal radicalism provides access interference, and hence, its high efficiency.In recent years, to reduce the loss of blood vessels resulting in embolization is performed.

neurofibroma, schwannoma, chemodectoma, teratoma, meningiomas and other benign tumors in the nasopharynx are rare.