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October 22, 2016 23:01

myalgia Treatment

myalgia Drug treatment is to eliminate the causes of pain.For this purpose, administer medication as a Mydocalm, baclofen and tizanidine.

  • Mydocalm.The scheme of treatment with this drug is being developed on an individual basis by the attending physician.Typically, the daily dose varies in the range of 150-450 mg.Initially, we recommend using 50 mg at a time (there must be 3).The drug is contraindicated.It can not be used for allergies and kiddies up to 3 months.Some of the side effects include headaches and muscle pain, nausea, general weakness, and allergic reactions.To eliminate unpleasant symptoms, simply stop taking the correct dosage and means together with a specialist.
  • baclofen.The treatment regimen, as well as with the previous drug should be individualized.Be sure to take the medication needed during the meal.The initial dose is 15 mg.Usually it means taking a few steps.During the first 3 days, 3 times a day 10 mg (half tablets).Following 3 days of one tablet of the day for the next three
    and a half tablet.Concluding three days on 2 tablets.Means it is impossible to take people with high hypersensitivity, as well as during pregnancy.In gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer reception is strictly forbidden, possibly deterioration.Side effects weight, they can manifest themselves from the gastrointestinal tract such as nausea, vomiting.He suffers and the nervous system: weakness and headaches.Possible weight gain, impotency.
  • tizanidine.Use should be 2-4 mg three times a day.If the condition is severe, then the night used the same dose once.As for the latter use is necessary to consult with your doctor.The tool is used exclusively on an individual scheme.Use the medication can not be with hypersensitivity to its basic components.As for side effects, is not excluded headache, nausea, vomiting, dry mouth, and lowering blood pressure.

Fix this problem using some medicines will not be easy.Therefore it is necessary to connect to this action special physiotherapy and massage.On the technology of its holding will be discussed below.Not least is engaged in physiotherapy.It is important to start doing the exercises with the maximum voltage.This will eliminate the pain.Based on the gymnastics exercises designed to lead to relaxation.It is necessary to create a uniform load and simultaneously relax.

Almost similar essence of the work of manual therapy.Muscles begin to not only relax, but even a tingle.In addition to this widely used specific therapy, which aims to work with many internal organs.But it is useful in the case where myalgia was caused serious diseases.More details about each method will be described below.

Prednisolone from myalgia

This medication is widely used in practice, eliminate muscle pains.The dosage should be established on an individual basis and only physician.If the condition is severe, usually given 20-30 mg per day.This is equivalent to 4-6 tablets.If you need a maintenance dose, then 5-10 mg.Babe tool can be used with a 2-months, in this age, the dosage is calculated: 2 g of the drug per kilogram of body weight.With years old and up to 14 years at 1-2 mg / kg intravenously.If there is an urgent need for the introduction of repeats.By

side effects include obesity.Particularly severely affected female, they can hormonal failure.As a result, it begins to grow a beard, a mustache.There may be problems with the menstrual cycle.Often suffering digestive tract appears brittle nails and hair.Blood can coagulate so good as before, there is the risk of infection.Often there are mental disorders.Suffice it to stop accepting funds as people will come back to normal.

Contra presented hypertension, pregnancy and diabetes mellitus.People with nephritis, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer take means in any case impossible.The same applies to patients with infectious diseases, including tuberculosis.

Treatment myalgia home

Many people can not tolerate organic health facilities, so they try to eliminate any disease on their own.To do this, go home entrance lotions, tinctures and other means.Through such treatment must be taken and particular care.After all, without understanding the reason why there myalgia, there is a risk to harm their health.

If torturing muscle pain, you can attach to the sore spot bacon, cover all polyethylene and woolen scarf.Everything begins to warm and the problem will recede by itself.Another recipe involves the use of lard it with horsetail.The two ingredients are mixed together and rubbed into the affected area.It is necessary to carry out some procedures, until the symptoms disappear.

Good curative effect and cabbage.You just need to make a cabbage leaf, top smeared soap on the affected area.For best effect, you can all prisolit.Such a compress is applied at night.

in the affected area well and can be rubbed oil chamomile, the effect is stunning.Well eliminates bodyaga myalgia.It should be an ointment or cook yourself or buy.To prepare taken butter and fresh-water sponge.The ingredients are mixed together and applied to the wound site.The procedure should be performed no more than once a week.

Treatment vacuum banks

vacuum therapy method allows a short time to put a man on foot, in the presence of debilitating pain.Strengthen action will allow the drainage of soft tissue.It produces a local vasodilator effect.In addition, it actively affects the skin and reduces the level of emitted blubber.

Vacuum therapy focused on spine can reduce body fat.This positive effect on the range of motion.Thus, the person reaches the maximum relief.The effect on the amplitude leads to improved metabolic processes.

Method passive vacuum therapy can safely remove all the most unpleasant symptoms of myalgia.It generates scattered subcutaneous hematoma which possess imunnomodeliruyuschim action.Underestimate this procedure is not necessary.It is really effective.It can be used either alone or in conjunction with other methods of eliminating the problem.

Massage with myalgia

Massage is of particular importance in the treatment of muscle pain.It must begin from the bottom up.First produced stroking the gluteal muscles, then do the squeezing, kneading and shaking.Repeat complex need from start to finish 2-3.

should then go to the hips.It produced a combined stroking, squeezing, shaking and kneading.Then do the double ring and the double neck.Then again, all repeats in a circle.In the gastrocnemius muscle is carried out stroking, squeezing, kneading, stroking, and shaking.After that, the complex again repeated with the first action.Yes, I understand what is at stake is not so simple.After this self-massage is not carried out, it makes only a specialist.The main actions are presented solely for information.

It should be noted that the massage should be preceded by heat treatment.These include a bath, paraffin and solljuks.Special efficiency are dry air and steam baths.Perform massage can be directly in the bath, which will only improve the effect.

Treatment myalgia

acupuncture acupuncture method is something interesting.It allows you to promote in a special way the sensitive points on the body and thereby prevent pain.The method allows to carry out its work on the canal of the small intestine, liver, colon and other organs and systems.All of them are marked by special symbols.With the proper impact occurs at the point of impact on the powerful muscles, causing them to relax.

surface of the affected muscles has several channels, on which the therapy.It is necessary to properly track position trajectory of nerve trunks.It is worth noting that many of the points are in the areas of increased morbidity.Therefore, it is important to influence them.Thus, to make the necessary impact on the blood supply to a particular point in the body.It plays a major role in this system akkupunturnaya action.It can be called a kind of keyboard body.Just know what button to press to configure the human body.

Ointments with myalgia

treat myalgia can not just internal use medicines.Suffice it to resort to the use of special ointments.They can be used both independently and in kombinirovannyo therapy.Most often prescribe means such as Finalgon, Analgos and Fastum - gel.

  • Finalgon.The first step is to apply a small amount of the drug to the skin and follow the reaction.If no allergic manifestations not, then the treatment can be carried out by the tool.Typically agent applied 2-3 times per day in a thin layer to the affected area.Some people feel a great relief after a single application of funds, but it is applied thickly.The duration of treatment should not exceed 10 days.Kids in the age of 12, and people with high intake hypersensitivity is prohibited.Adverse reactions include hives, itching, burning, redness, site inflammation.
  • Analgos.Means must be rubbed into the affected area several times a day.Treatment continues for as long as the symptoms disappear.It is desirable in this regard to consult a specialist.Apply the agent can not be people with an increased hypersensitivity, as well as children.With care ointment is used during pregnancy.Adverse reactions include shortness of breath, reduced pressure, itching.
  • Fastum- gel.Apply the product 1-2 times a day to the affected area with a thin layer.The duration of treatment should not exceed 10 days.The only contraindication is hiding in hypersensitivity.Regarding side reactions, not excluded itching, burning, redness and eczema.

People's treatment of myalgia

weaker muscle pain will help folk remedies.But they should be used with extreme caution.So, you should prepare a tincture from the bay leaf.For this purpose, three tablespoons taken main ingredient in particulate form.After that, all filled with sunflower oil.Funds should be given about 10 days, in order to make it real.When it is ready, it should be rubbed into the affected area every day in the morning and before bedtime.Even strong attack myalgia recede in 2-3 weeks.

is strongly recommended to pay attention to the paraffin wraps.They are known for their extreme performance.So, you should take a hot wax and apply on the affected area.The main thing is not to burn the person!Superimposed all in two layers, then closed with gauze.To create a high thermal effect of all closed polyethylene and scarf.Warming up last at least 30 minutes.

Good effect is compress, based on the medicinal marshmallow.To prepare them you must take the main ingredient, or rather its roots and fill with cold water.Then leave to press for eight hours.Tincture is filtered and applied as a compress to 3 times a day.

Treatment myalgia herbs

quickly and effectively help to eliminate problems such ingredients like horsetail and butter.It is necessary to prepare one special wrap.To do this takes two tablespoons of butter (it is important that it is not salty), then added to his horsetail spoon in powdered form.All carefully mixed and applied on the affected area.Top should definitely make the tape and roll up all the warm scarf.It is enough to make just two such compression and myalgia retreat.This recipe is famous for its incredible efficiency.

can resort to a somewhat different method.So, you should take the same horsetail, but mix it with fat (of course, it must not be salty).In the manufacture of tools need to be particularly the proportion of 1: 4.The ingredients are thoroughly mixed together and rub into the affected area.Then, the thermal conditions are created using polyethylene and scarf.

has excellent properties and a cabbage leaf.It can lubricate the lard and also attach to the affected area.The effect is stunning.Even there is no need to use expensive medications when there is the usual ingredients on hand.

Today, there are many ways to get rid of myalgia.It is not about the medications from the pharmacy.Pay attention should ordinary grass.

  • Method 1 should take one spoonful of borage and the same amount of dry leaves her own.All this is mixed and poured boiling water.Tincture should stand for about 5 hours.Take it must be inside to 6 times a day.One tablespoon at a time is enough.
  • Method 2. Take the dry grass Adonis and poured boiling water.Suffice teaspoon main ingredient and 200 mL of boiling water.Once you configure themselves means it can be taken 3 times a day on a tablespoon.
  • Method 3: To prepare the crust should take barberry and pour 70% alcohol.Please observe the correct proportions, 1:10.Then should infuse all throughout the week.Should take 30 drops diluted in some water.You can simply use the drop and drink a small amount of liquid.

Homeopathy at myalgia

To eliminate muscle pains actively used and homeopathic remedies.Usually, the focus is on medications that can relieve pain and inflammation.Naturally, and ointments applied having the same effect.It is worth noting that many of the traditional drugs can strongly hit the gastric mucosa.Therefore, the use of many medications is simply impossible.There is the risk of stomach bleeding.In such a case and resorted to homeopathy.

To reduce the pain threshold, look at the ointment Traumeel S. It must be rubbed into the affected area.vegetable and mineral components are in its composition.Therefore, no danger to humans, it is not responsible.It is sufficient to use 2-3 times a day.Rub the ointment should be in a circular motion.Before you go to bed, you can make a compress of funds.

special efficiency carries biopunktury method.It is characterized by putting a homeopathic remedy by injection.This procedure allows you to get rid of the pain instantly.This technique is practiced even in hospitals.

Surgical treatment of myalgia

Usually, myalgia occurs against innocuous factors.Banal fatigue, strong overvoltage, both emotional and physical development can provoke myalgia.Simply reduce physical exertion and rest.This will remove the unpleasant symptoms.Of course, no surgery, in this case does not apply.

be a problem capable of against the background of existing diseases.Usually it is preceded by low back pain.Sometimes it is caused by an infectious disease, such as tuberculosis.Eliminate illness need special treatment.Surgical intervention is not encouraged.Oh, and just for that matter, there is nothing to remove.

Myalgia persists surgery.Simply normalize own state, more rest, not to succumb to emotional shocks.It is time to eliminate other diseases that can cause myalgia.In fact, that's all treatments.Surgical method is not applicable.