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September 03, 2016 23:11

Causes of sexual dysfunction

number of organic and psychological factors can cause disorders of sexual reaction cycle and cause problems such as loss of sexual desire or ability to sexual arousal, difficulty orgasm, pain during intercourse, and an aversion to sex.

Although it is not known how many people in their lifetime suffer these and other sexual functional disorders, scientific evidence suggests that the percentage is very high.According to interviews with 100 happy couples, published in the "New England Journal of Medicine" for 1978, 40% of men reported that they had ejaculation occurs sooner than they would like it, or they have difficulty in initiation and maintenance of erection.3% of women reported difficulties with arousal or orgasm.Half of men and 77% of women reported that they often or sometimes have no desire to engage in sexual intercourse or sexual activity of their own is not entirely satisfactory.

organic and psychological factors are equally responsible for sexual dysfunction.In some cases a combination of

both leading to these factors it.

  • Organic causes

Each disease pertaining to the nervous system, hormonal status or blood circulation can cause disorder of sexual function.This applies in particular to multiple sclerosis, arteriosclerosis (artery seal), thrombosis of arteries or veins of the penis, diabetes, liver disease, hyperprolactinemia (excessive secretion of the hormone prolactin), depression and dementia.This also includes damage to the lumbar spine and spinal cord injury, a herniated disc, and prostate surgery in which nerves can be damaged penis.

large number of prescription prescription and commercially available medication affects sexual response.These include antiastmatiki, diuretics, all anti-hypertensive drugs.Medications recommended for treatment of mental disorders, including anti-depressants and anti-psychotics, can in some cases have a negative effect on sexual response.Impotence and orgasm difficulties sometimes a manifestation of the side effects of certain antidepressants.Detailed description of the side effects of psychoactive medications can be found in Chapter 5.

damage to sexual function can cause the use of hormones - estrogen and steroids, legal and illegal stimulants (even caffeine, nicotine and alcohol).