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September 03, 2016 23:11

disorders of orgasm

By orgasm disorders include inhibition of orgasm in women and men, as well as premature ejaculation in men.

Inhibition of orgasm in women If a woman does not experience orgasm, and the orgasm if she comes late or achieved with difficulty, it can be stated inhibition of orgasm (which is called "lack of orgasm", "anorgasmia").Anorgasmia may be primary, if a woman has had an orgasm, secondary, if she had it before, and now - no, and situationally conditioned, if she has problems with a partner who does not use the forms of stimulation that it satisfied.

women do not experience orgasm earlier, most likely, can participate in the treatment program in which they learn to explore their own body and stimulate the genitals (masturbation).Once a woman becomes capable by self-stimulation to cause at orgasm, it can show your partner how genital and non-genital stimulation necessary in order that it can reach the highest point of pleasure.

Treatment of secondary and situational problems caused by orgasm must i

nclude and clarify ways of sexual communication.If a woman in certain ways, or with another partner could reach orgasm earlier, it is a logical conclusion that in this regard, it has some problems that block the orgasm.In such cases, steam treatment, which typically focuses on sensitizing exercises.

Premature ejaculation The man, who is usually with minimal sexual stimulation occurs quickly ejaculation suffers from premature ejaculation (Ejaculatioprae-cox).In all likelihood, this is the most common male sexual functional disorder.Treatment should be aimed at to educate the patient to achieve a high level while keeping an erection ejaculation and help him to overcome the fear of premature ejaculation.

experience of 30-year-old man is very instructive for many.In his first sexual contact, coming after a long period of sexual abstinence, quickly emerged ejaculation.Subsequent contacts had occurred anxious restlessness, accompanied by thoughts that he quickly finished intercourse.If it is impossible to control the level of erection he was advancing really early ejaculation.Since these repeated violations, he asked for help from a sex therapist, who offered him two easy techniques for the control of ejaculation.The method of "stop-start" is the conscious control of the upcoming ejaculation.The man tells about such a possibility, and his partner suspends sexual stimulation.Once the sense of impending ejaculation takes place, sexual activity is resumed.This "stop-start" method can be repeated several times.In the method of "pinch" a man teaches his girlfriend to make it in order to slow the onset of ejaculation at the right time, briefly clasped hands penis, causing a slight soreness.

As with most other functional sexual disorders, effective treatment is sensitization exercises and concentration on the various forms of love games that helps to overcome fear and thoughts about their sexual abilities.

orgasm in men Braking Braking (deceleration) of orgasm in men is the opposite of premature ejaculation.In this case, erection, if at all ends ejaculation, ejaculation is supported before too long.The treatment is to reduce the fear, the use of sensitizing exercises and focused masturbation, the main purpose of which - learning how to achieve ejaculation.The patient is trained to enter a penetration into direct contact with a woman after a period of masturbation only when he believes that he will soon come ejaculation.