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September 27, 2016 23:01

LHE (LHE- Technology) .Mechanism of action.Procedure .Indications and contraindications

LHE (LHE-Technology) - Light (light) and Heat (thermal) Energu (energy), - or LHE, involves the use of both light and heat energy Pampa flash light.

The flash has a capacity of up to 10 J, is filled with a patented mixture of inert gases and has a specific shape of the light pulse to activate different chromophores.The heating of the tissues and the destruction of the chromophores on irradiation luminous flux of low power when using LHE-treatment occurs as a result of two effects spread luminous flux:

  1. absorption luminous flux melanin and other chromophores;
  2. diffusion of light on the optically inhomogeneous structures of the epidermis and dermis.

mechanism of action of LHE (LHE-Technology)

All currently existing technology time except LHE, based upon photothermolysis, t. E. On heating chromophores to a certain critical temperature due to absorption of light.In this case, only so-called "light" radiation energy.However, the target can be heated to a temperature of coagulation, not only due to

the "light" part of the radiation energy, but also due to its "thermal" part, t. E. Due to the impact on the fabric of the scattered light, which increases the temperature in the affected area 4-5 timesmore than the absorbed light.scattering effect is used to process a heterogeneous tissue organization (degraded collagen and elastin, fibrous tissue, dermal papilla et al.) in order to heat and destruction of the chromophores.The use of limited energy makes the procedure safe for surrounding tissues.

Effects on texture of the skin rejuvenation with LHE is achieved through stimulation of neo-collagenesis due to lung heat stimulation of dermal collagen.The waves of the visible spectrum affect the chromophores in the dermis or at the junction of the dermis and epidermis, whereas infrared and close to them the rays are absorbed directly intra- and intercellular fluid.The resulting slight thermal damage to the upper third of the papillary and reticular dermis leads to the activation of fibroblasts and new collagen synthesis and extracellular matrix, which continue for several months.This effect, causing wound injury results in improved texture kozhya which may persist for several years, if a patient uses reliable protection from the sun.Although the reduction of wrinkles and is moderate in comparison with the more aggressive ablative or surgical techniques, it is usually much appreciated by patients who do not want to waste time on a long recovery period.

individual indications and techniques

LHE (LHE) Rejuvenation pursues certain objectives in accordance with the main indications.In the case of a solar pigmented lesions treatment is started at power recommended for the patient's skin type, and then power gradually increased if necessary until until redness at the pigmented section, but not in the surrounding skin.Damage is then processed by two passes in each session, the session is repeated once a week.This treatment - from 3 to 10. For vascular lesions power is set so that the erythema appeared scattered throughout the treatment area.Some vessels usually darken, indicating coagulation.For such a case the sessions are usually held twice a week, course of 7-10 procedures.In the case of lines and wrinkles the entire aesthetic area is processed with the parameters that cause only a slight uniform redness, without the appearance of purpura.Each session holds two runs with an interval of about three minutes, the session is repeated about ten times stumps, treatment is continued for 10-15 sessions.

Methods of treating acne

  1. Skin Preparation for the procedure of the treatment of acne on the unit «Spa Touch» company «Radiancy» with lamp «Clear Touch»:
  • treat skin using milk as a skin;
  • skin tone (tonic should not contain alcohol);
  • dry skin of the face with a napkin.
  1. Conducting test outbreaks - for the selection of the flare energy intensity at which the procedure is carried out.

Test flashes are carried out on the face in the zone of the procedure, the flash power is selected in accordance with the client's skin type.Assessment is based on the intensity of the appearance of transient redness at the site of the test flash.

  1. main stage of the procedure.

processing is carried out all over the face, starting from the forehead.Keying easily pressed against the skin, pressed a control pedal, the flash is carried out after activation of readiness indicator.The apparatus is ready for operation again after 12 seconds.

treatment of all areas carried out quickly because of the outbreak of a blocked area of ​​12 cm2.The procedure lasts 15-30 minutes.

pulse duration in the lamp «Clear Touch» 35 msec.This pulse duration is set by the developers of the experimental Israeli firm «Radiancy» to:

  • effectively impact on the waste products of P. Acne - porphyrins (they are the chromophore for LHE technique);
  • limit the propagation of heat to prevent trauma to surrounding tissues.
  1. Reprocessing skin.

Implemented necessary for a more thorough study of the problem areas.The client after the procedure may appear slight hyperemia in the treated area that disappears within 20-30 minutes after the procedure.

  1. care after the procedure.

perform the steps of skin toning, possible to apply the mask.At the end of the procedure to apply a moisturizer with SPF-protection.

Procedures LHE technology leads to good results, after a cycle of 8 treatments cures up to 90% of acne.