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September 24, 2016 23:09

Caring for the red border of the lips

DERMATOLOGY approach to skin the vermilion border of the lips

peculiarity of the structure is a three card lips: skin, mucous and intermediate.Skin department has a typical structure of the skin.The peculiar structure of the dermis of this department is to have it braided muscle fibers, providing lip mobility.Interlabia department is called a red border.It is lined with a multilayered keratinizing epithelium, a feature which, when compared with the epithelium of skin of other sites, is a large and thick actinic incomplete.The full actinic stored only in the corners of the mouth, so in various pathological processes in a given location is easily cracks.The red border zone has no sweat glands and hair follicles, sebaceous glands and small are represented in large numbers.Located beneath the epithelium is the lamina propria of connective structure.It forms a very high papillae, in which there are numerous capillary spleteteniya.Due to incomplete keratinization and numerous capillary networks, transmis

sion through the thickness of the epithelium, the lips in the transition section are red.Slimy lips department is typical of the mucus membrane, it is lined with a stratified squamous epithelium neorogovevayuschy.Place the transition of the epithelium in the red portion of the epithelium of the oral mucosa is called the Klein area and is quite vulnerable areas for the development of epithelial malignancies.

Improper care and without additional protection the skin is exposed to the red portion of the lips overdrying, on the surface there are cracks and peeling.These bad habits like biting and licking lips, smoking, are a favorable background for the emergence of some cheilitis.

Care red border of the lips at home

Removing makeup from the skin of the lips should be carried out by special funds intended to care for this area (milk, cream and so on. D.).that do not cause dryness and irritation of the skin of lips.After removing the make-up is recommended a light circular massage with terry mittens, followed by applying a fat nourishing cream or lip balm.

winter time, before going out you must use fabric conditioners, hygienic lipstick, but when choosing makeup to be preferred over fat, softening lip means, and in the summer - moisturizing.All lipsticks are divided into two groups: decorative and medical hygiene.Choice of lipstick carried out individually, depending on the make-up of features, hair color, clothing style and hair, time of year and so on. D. Currently available in lipstick wide range of colors (from the silver-blue to black shades), and different texture (creamy, matte, pearl and so on. d.).The composition of any lipstick must include sun protection factor (SPF).Lipsticks contain plant extracts (aloe, chamomile, lavender, gingko biloba), algae oil walnut seeds, grapes, cinnamon, vanilla and fruit flavors.It is worth noting that the most resistant varieties of lipsticks usually desiccate gy6y.

At home, in order to improve the tone of the lower facial muscles, improve blood supply to the skin of the lips and prevent wilting recommended a set of gymnastic exercises for the lips.

Gymnastics lip

  1. Pull the lips forward ( "blow on the candle") to relax.Repeat 30-40 times
  2. Dial mouth full of air ( "inflate cheeks") and exhale it, at first slowly and evenly, and then jerky.Repeat 10-20 times.
  3. Repeated all vowels.In conclusion, much to exhale air through the tightly compressed lips.Repeat 10-15 times.
  4. Move the lower jaw at the same time with the lips sequentially to the left and to the right.Repeat 10-20 times.
  5. tongue hanging out as much as possible and to delay as 2-3 seconds.Remove tongue and relax 1-2 seconds.Repeat 5 times.
  6. whistling.

maximum effect from the Gymnastics Complex develops at his regular performance.For lip augmentation in the home is provided an apparatus "Lip Enhancer" ( "Power of the lips").The mechanism of action of the device is connected with the creation of a local negative pressure (vacuum) in the area of ​​the lips, increasing their blood supply, and as a consequence - increase in lip size.The duration of use of the device is not more than 7 days, twice a day.The most common side effects include bruising and allergic cheilitis, arising from the use nagubnika.

Care lip in a cosmetology establishment

After make-up removal with the use of special tools, shows the use of glikopilinga (25, 50% glycolic acid solution), followed by applying a moisturizing mask and cream with a sun protection factor.Recommended use of collagen sheets.

basic physiotherapy treatments used to care for

lip skin to provide comprehensive intensive care following physiotherapy treatments are recommended for the skin of the lips.

  • vaporization in combination with ozone lamp is used for steaming skin before the vacuum and mechanical cleaning, as well as to improve the absorption of cosmetic creams and masks.The method is contraindicated in the presence of a network of blood vessels dilated and dry skin type.When working with Vapazony should protect your eyes from direct exposure to hot air sponge moistened with a solution of a tonic for centuries.
  • Peeling brossazh carried on the skin around the lips with the help of different size and hardness of brushes, sponges and peeling creams.It allows you to effectively clean the skin, causing mild vasodilation.Contraindications are pustular, fungal, viral lesions of the skin, rosacea, allergic dermatoses.
  • Desincrustation carried out in glabellar, above the eyebrows, around the red portion of the lips, in the chin area with an open and closed comedones.The method is based on the principle of electroplating, using an active electrode bicarbonate or sodium chloride solutions (10%).By therapeutic electrolysis at the negative pole is formed alkali, changing the pH of the skin that helps dissolve and remove sebum from the excretory ducts.
  • Darsonvalization skin in the lip area is similar to its use in other areas of the face.It is carried out along the lines of least skin tension, arc movements (labile technique) or stable method.

darsonvalization Depending on the type of skin is carried on talcum powder, antiseptic mask for dry or finishing cream.

  • use of ultrasound and iontophoresis allows for enhanced effects priimenyaemyh cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.
  • myostimulation method is used to prevent aging of skin of the lips.The procedure is done in a day, a course of 10-15 sessions.Showing prophylactic courses 2 times a year.Patients aged 35-40 years old are encouraged to nominate this procedure.
  • Currently widely used is the method of microcurrent therapy.The procedure is done in a day, a course of 10-15 sessions.Showing prophylactic courses 2 times a year.
  • Electrostatic massage can be used for age-related changes.
  • Aromatherapy with essential oils.In normal skin type is recommended lavender, rosemary and lemon oil;for oily skin type - oil clary sage, eucalyptus and lavender;the dry type of skin - chamomile, rosemary and rosewood oils (ylang-ilangovoe), geranium oil.

to correct the shape and volume of the lips, correction of naso-genial furrows, wrinkles above the upper lip, as well as scarring modern cosmetology offers a variety of injection techniques, including Villingen procedure.