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September 27, 2016 23:01

Abortion in the first pregnancy |Medical and surgical abortion in the first pregnancy

abortion during the first pregnancy - a difficult time, when the potential mother is faced with a choice, to keep the child or not.

When you have to decide whether to terminate the pregnancy or not, every woman is in a difficult situation thinking about the advisability of such action.We do not always expect a child, life situations are different, then an abortion is often forced, or simply necessary in the circumstances.

Learn more about the most common types of abortion - surgical and medical - and valid dates of the abortions in the story of an obstetrician-gynecologist, ultrasound diagnostics physician of the highest category, Yury Yavorsky Tsezarevich, doctor, having worked for 32 years.

Abortion in the first month of pregnancy

When pregnancy does not exceed twelve weeks (three months), pregnant for the right to perform an abortion using surgery.Doctors removed the ovum from the uterine cavity using special tools.In the current realities in conducting such operations using intravenous anest

hesia to numb the patient.The price of a surgical abortion in the first pregnancy in Ukrainian clinics in different cities of the country varies, but the average minimum price ranges from three hundred hryvnia.

Vacuum aspiration (also called mini-abortion) is a fetus sucking special device from the uterine cavity.It is produced when no menstruation period was for twenty-five days, which is required to be confirmed by ultrasound.

Naturally, all of these methods are not safe, then they may be some violations of women's health.Nature is not a harmless methods of interruption of the natural course of pregnancy, because abortion in any form is a certain risk to the body.

Complications after surgical abortion

Surgical abortion during the first pregnancy carries behind a number of some of the complications that involve the presence of:

  • mechanical injuries uterine cavity, cervix, because during the operation using surgical instruments.It may even happen perforation of the uterine cavity - a surgical instrument can produce damage to the walls and penetrate beyond the uterus and injure adjacent organs (bladder injury, bowel, etc.).
  • presence of bleeding due to the fact that the uterus has been damaged;that the uterine cavity contains the remains of the ovum;disrupted blood clotting system.If there is bleeding, surgical intervention is inevitable, since it is necessary to conduct an audit tool to rid the walls of the uterine cavity from the remnants of fetal eggs.
  • presence hematometra where blood clots accumulate in the uterine cavity because that cervical spasm occurred or bend.Most often prescribe conduct repeated surgeries to extend the cervix and remove blood clots.
  • presence of inflammatory diseases of the uterine cavity and its applications.
  • presence of complications from anesthesia.
  • possible risk of being infected with diseases such as hepatitis, HIV-infection.Naturally, this factor is accompanied not only abortion, but also any other surgery.

long-term complications of surgical abortion is the presence of:

  • chronic inflammatory processes, which internal genital organs can be affected.
  • ovarian dysfunction due to abortion can disrupt the menstrual cycle.
  • occurrence of ectopic pregnancy.
  • formation of infertility.
  • presence of spontaneous abortions in the future.
  • subsequent labors may be accompanied by the presence of anomalies.
  • generations in the future may occur with severe bleeding.
  • presence of a number of psychological problems (stress, depression, feelings of guilt) - post-abortion syndrome.

Medical abortion during the first pregnancy

effective alternative to surgical abortion is the termination of pregnancy by medication.Because of the negative effects of the first medical abortion with each passing day becomes more and more supporters.Medical abortion in the first pregnancy in the practice of abortion is not new: before this process occurred under the influence of various infusions and decoctions, it takes a special healers and sorcerers.

Development Mifepistona preparation took place in France in the seventies and eighties of the last century.In his eighty-fifth was used for inducing an induced (stimulated) of miscarriage.Prostangladiny with which it is combined to the uterus is beginning to decline.International name mifepristone are Mifegin, Mifepreks, RU-486.If we consider the chemical structure of the drug, it is a synthetic steroid hormone.

Mifepristone characterizes the sensitivity of blocking progesterone receptors uterine (this hormone helps to maintain a pregnancy).Because of this, there is a loss of growth capacity of the fetal egg, because of what is happening and the death of his separation from the uterine cavity.This process is accompanied by contractions of the uterus, a softening of her neck, opening and expulsion of the embryo from the uterine cavity.Prostanglandiny further reinforce these actions.Also

supporters, medical abortion also has many opponents.Ninety-first year of the last century was marked by a large enough resistance that led the National Organization for the Protection of the right to life of the United States of America, which was the head of John Willkie.But, nevertheless, the popularity of medical abortion in a variety of states with each passing day increases.

Studies conducted in 2006 showed that more than seventy percent of abortions in France was carried out medication way, Sweden and Switzerland showed a figure of fifty per cent, Belgium and Finland - thirty percent, the United States of America- twenty five.Ukraine is not particularly "honor" this method due to the fact that our women do not trust hormonal preparations, by which medical abortion is performed.Synthetic hormones are not justified confidence even when the method of hormonal contraception was trying to take root in our country.Risk of use of synthetic hormones is that they are carcinogenic (possibility provoke cancer).But even despite this, a lot of women in our country choose medical abortion in the first pregnancy because of its simplicity and effectiveness and relative safety.