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September 27, 2016 23:01

Weight Loss : What is dangerous rejection of fat , protein or carbohydrates ?

When we lose weight, be sure of something refuses.This failure threatens not only the loss of useful trace elements, but also the opposite effect - we can get better.But this is not part of our plans.What threatens rejection of fat, protein, carbohydrates - at least one of these elements?

Why are proteins, carbohydrates and fats?

It micronutrients that our body is saturated with nutrients and provide energy for growth, life and work.Minerals and vitamins - these are elements of the power of our body, which we have relatively few.

From carbohydrates a person receives glucose.She - a source of energy for humans.Glucose can also be prepared from fat, protein, to use it as fuel for the cells.The body burns glucose and produce energy in return.

Carbohydrates Carbohydrates can quickly be converted to glucose, even at that time, when a person chews.Carbohydrates can provide rapid transition of glucose into energy (simple carbohydrates) and slow (complex carbohydrates).

Simple carbohydrates are in t

hat food that contains starch.It's potatoes, bread, cereals, muffins and all the flour, fruit juices, alcohol.

Complex carbohydrates are in vegetables, grains, fruits, however, not processed.Complex carbohydrates are good that nourish our body fiber - soluble (pectins and fruit) and insoluble (celery).

Fats and proteins

These substances are involved in metabolic processes, promote the production of glucose, are involved in energy metabolism and help restore power.This energy bomb is valid for a further 5-6 hours after a person has eaten.

Glucose people need continuously, without the brain will not be able to fully operate.Therefore, glucose must come from food is not great and in small doses, and evenly throughout the day.

You need to balance the diet is approximately equal intervals, so that the body can process glucose and deliver it to the body throughout the day.That is, it is desirable to be fed 5-6 times a day fractional, at equal intervals.

If a person eats a lot, a little, glucose enters the body unevenly, and the brain is weak in these intervals.It may feel weakness, sleepiness, fatigue.

Carbohydrates and their properties slimming

few years, starting with the 60-ies of the last century, in the media cultivated the idea that carbohydrates contribute to weight gain.For this they recommended excluded from the diet at all.Then the medical opinion has changed, and to recommend the use of steel carbohydrates in the diet, but beware of excessive weight.It is believed that carbohydrates are useful, but the extra weight to which they lead, harmful, was impractical.

There was no clear guidance as well still apply carbohydrates and whether to use them at all.

Magazines clarified that the fat deposits on the body formed because people eat fats.Still later, the doctors made it clear that extra weight in humans are not formed due to eating fatty foods, but because it is too large calorie.

What a view it would be useful and practical for weight control?As much as possible to use fats, proteins and carbohydrates?

Important Tips for weight control

If your body's dimensions are close to the ideal (that is, the ratio of height and weight), that you can try several diets and focus on optimal nutrition, which includes both fats and proteins,and carbohydrates.That is, to put into practice already Attorney supply rate.

If a woman after 30 and begins to recover, you need to choose the form of carbohydrates, which will monitor the process of normalization of weight.That is, afford to choose carbohydrate menus and not recover due to excessive caloric intake.Simple carbohydrates - a source of excess weight if you eat them in excess.This flour, potatoes, fruit juices with added sugar, sweets, cakes and chocolates.

All of these products help to increase the production of insulin, which tends to delay the body's fatty tissue.

Carbohydrates and Disease

If a man does not work the thyroid gland and its function is impaired, and carbohydrates in the diet is not enough, the brain begins to receive signals SOS that the body is starving.And then the brain sends a pulse of the thyroid gland of this famine.

thyroid gland reacts immediately increased production of T3 and T4 hormones.But T3 in such a situation has the ability to bind to proteins in the blood and act no longer as active ceases to perform its role of activation of metabolic processes.

When T3 hormone binds, the metabolism slows down and broken.Thus, adipose tissue accumulates more than you planned.The balance of the thyroid gland is disturbed, and the absence or low amount of carbohydrates aggravates this process.Thyroid disorders are not only obvious, but hidden, so you need to be alert before to cut carbohydrates from the menu.

Norma carbohydrates for women

Of course, these rules are individual, but general recommendations about the same.For women aged 30-40 the rate of carbohydrate each day should be up to 40% of the total diet.In

carbohydrate calories (energy units) is less than in fats - 4 calories per 1 gram.But this energy is spent more than after consumption of fats.If a woman eats enough fruits, vegetables and sprouted grains, it receives enough energy from the consumption of complex carbohydrates.

This increases the level of glucose, and hence, the energy level is greater than after the inclusion in the menu of simple carbohydrates.But this means that women need to move at the same time and check the hormonal balance, without which any diet will be ineffective.A woman who uses enough complex carbohydrates, making prevention of insulin spike (when insulin levels increased sharply).

well crafted carbohydrate menu allows you to avoid an increase in blood sugar levels, but warns him level fall.Carbohydrates in the menu to help other substances absorbed better and more quickly to deliver the body enough fiber, carbohydrates give a feeling of satiety for a long time, so the woman would not replenish their stocks in the stomach, because it does not feel malnutrition.So, will not accumulate fat.

Proteins and fats also have to be balanced, it will help to better digestible carbohydrates.

proteins and their properties

properties of proteins are so diverse that they are capable of forming up to 30 kinds of amino acids.And amino acids - the building material for the production of its own proteins.They are necessary for a person to grow, muscle and bone tissues developed and restored in case of damage, improves the immune system to fight diseases.

The body constantly pass metabolism, and proteins contribute to this.They are processed into glucose as a result of metabolism, and the person receives the energy for life.Amino acids help the person form the neurotransmitters to build hormones endorphins and enkephalins substances that improve mood and overall health.

1 gram of protein - it is 4 kilokallorii.That is as much a person gets energy from 1 gram of protein.Proteins are converted into glucose much weaker and more enduring than carbohydrates.For comparison of processed carbohydrates glucose for 1-2 hours after administration, and from proteins - for nearly 4 hours after administration of protein.

Proteins after the conversion of glucose to help maintain steady blood sugar and energy levels simultaneously.

So, both proteins and carbohydrates we need for borrowing vitality, metabolic level.Because a person should eat equal portions, to ensure that these exchanges throughout the day.

Amino acids and their properties

Amino acids come in two categories: natural, which the body produces itself, or are called non-core, and entering the body of the food from the outside - they are called essential.First produced more - up to 80%, the second - coming from the food - essential - less - up to 20%.

nine essential amino acids: lysine, leucine, methionine, isoleucine, histidine, tryptophan, valine, phenylalanine, threonine.Essential amino acids are very important for the body because they help to cope with the painful symptoms and saturate the cells of oxygen.

amino acids found in proteins

food of animal origin, which contains all the amino acids, it is meat, fish, eggs, cheese, poultry.It is full of protein, which is saturated with people very quickly.This menu is not only proteins and amino acids, and fats.However, there is no fat in lean types of meat and fish, as well as low-fat dairy products.

If a person does not eat meat, it is necessary to combine the diet so as to obtain proteins and fats from other foods, at least from the plants.But plants need to be combined so that the proteins and fats in them have been presented to the full.For example, rice, beans and provide proteins; and amino acids.But for those who suffer from excess weight, you have to keep still and calorie foods, and saturation of their starch.In this combination a lot of starch, it may not be suitable for obese people.Besides, starch may induce insulin release in the body.

Fats and their properties

Dietary fats appear as rings which are bonded in a chain of links.When food is processed in the body, the fatty acids to penetrate into the blood.They are converted into glucose, but very slowly.Therefore, the level of glucose in the body increases rather slowly by processing fats.

But glucose levels and decreases just as slowly.Fats for a long time - a few hours - it provides a person a feeling of fullness.From it easier to control your weight because fat man after taking a long time do not want to have.

What are fats

Animals - ie saturated vegetable - that is polyunsaturated, and monounsaturated.These are the kinds of fats.If body fat enough fat-soluble vitamins are absorbed into the blood well and give a very good effect, ensuring the vital activity of the organism.

fatty acids entering the body with fats give the person the opportunity to produce hormones, including basic, for example, testosterone, estrogen, progesterone.These hormones - the merit of the reproductive system that produces them.

consequences of refusal of fats

If a person refuses to fat, then stop abruptly hormones produced, and in women it leads to negative consequences for health.Premature termination of developing ovarian hormones leads to early menopause and the negative state, which is connected with it.That is, inflow and outflow of heat, fever, headache, and so on.

Studies show that a woman's risk of even the appearance of bleeding, blockage of blood vessels, the occurrence of stroke.Women who refuse to fat on the menu, can dramatically increase the pressure, or watch it jump, not to mention the uncontrolled overweight.

There is evidence that a diet with too small amount of fats, leads not only to increased blood pressure, but also to the destruction of the brain, as well as to the risk of rupture.

fats and calories

From one gram of fat person can get a lot more calories than protein and carbohydrates - whole 9 calories.Therefore, a lot of fat in the diet - a surplus of energy that we do not use, and which is converted into fat.

But, moreover, to control the amount of fat in the diet, is also necessary to pay attention to the form in which they are contained.For example, olive oil containing unsaturated fats, and animal (fat, for example) - saturated.But in fact, and in another product the same amount of calories.

So: include in the diet of olive oil healthier than fat.Unsaturated fatty acids must be supplied in the body longer than saturated.

Fats and stomach

Fat calories, and yet we can use them more than that is laid, as in the stomach, they do not occupy much space.This fiber occupies much space in the digestive tract, and more swelling to the same, so it is much we can not eat.It is necessary to control the amount of fat in the diet, we do not want to recover due to their overabundance.

If diet of fats and proteins chosen correctly, can disturb the ball in the abdomen, bloating, constipation, excess weight.Especially these symptoms may occur in the second half of the menstrual cycle, when the body is more vulnerable due to the increased production of hormones.

To properly calculate your menu, you need to lay it less than 30% fat, and most of them should be unsaturated.Then the rest of the amount of nutrients a person get along with protein - protein menu.

Hidden fats

Fats can oversaturate body, provided that you do not know about hidden fats coming back.Even if you strictly adhere to the norm of fat menu, you may not know about trans fats, which are supersaturated products.For example, the trans fats in margarine, chocolate, candy, cake, cookies.In order not to fall into the trap of hidden fat, you need to read the composition of products - all of which you are buying.

Even if the label says "0% fat" or "fat free" does not mean that they have no trans fats, which indicates the low quality products.Cheap products contain fats that have no value as nutrients, but have a lot of calories.Such products can negate all your efforts to lose weight.

So take care of yourself and eat only high-quality products without trans fat .