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September 20, 2016 23:06

Poisoning pale toadstool : symptoms, diagnosis , treatment

pale toadstool poisoning is solely due to the fault or negligence of the person.While collecting mushrooms can often be confused with toadstool mushrooms and russula.This happens because of ignorance of the differences between them.Often, this problem is visiting inexperienced mushroom pickers.Such an error can cost a person their life.Therefore, without a certain experience, collect, much less eat unknown mushrooms prohibited.

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code in ICD-10

code of the International Classification of Diseases ICD-10 includes mushroom poisoning hereIt indicated by the number T62.0.It contains many sub-items of this phenomenon.Classification includes not only mushroom poisoning, but also poisonous berries, plants and certain foods.

S00-T98 Injury, poisoning and certain other consequences of external causes.T51-T65 Toxic effects of substances, mainly non-medical purposes.T66-T78 Other and neutonchennye effects of external causes.T62

Toxic effect of other noxious substances contained in the foods eaten

T62.0 In eaten mushrooms (mushroom poisoning).The T62.1 eaten berries.T62.2 In another (their) eaten (s) of the plant (s).T62.8 Other toxic substances contained in the foods eaten.

T62.9 Toxic substances contained in ingested food unspecified.T62 Toxic effect of other noxious substances contained in the foods eaten.

Symptoms of poisoning pale toadstool

initial manifestation occurs first 8-21 hours after consumption of the "product".For the phase of acute gastroenteritis is characterized by the appearance of a sharp attack of vomiting, and it carries the indomitable character.A few hours later it joins enteritis.Stool copious, offensive.Often it has a shelter impurity.A person can go to the toilet up to 25 times per day.

temperature rise is not observed.Very quickly it begins to increase dehydration and giposalemiya.Blood thickens over time, it is joined by oliguria.urea level is considerably increased.

On the second day, since both developed poisoning, increased transaminases.Increased ALT is stored for a long time.About a week symptoms disappear.It appears jaundice, which is characterized by varying degrees of severity.The man appears coughing up blood, vomiting blood, bleeding of varying severity.In the acute phase of developing renal failure.Without special treatment, death occurs.It occurs in almost 50% of all cases.

first signs

first symptoms begin to appear as early as within 2 hours.Usually it is typical for a "weak" by the action of fungi.If the first symptoms appeared after 6-20 hours - the situation is complicated.Most likely, the problem was caused by the ingestion of pale toadstool or mushroom.It is very dangerous.

So man originally start pestering headaches that sharply flowing into nausea.Then there is profuse vomiting, loose stools, and severe abdominal pain.If the poisoning is very serious, it is possible sharp blurred vision, and loss of voice.Due to severe dehydration man is constantly thirsty.There is profuse sweating, convulsions, pulse barely palpable.

Eventually limbs begin to grow cold, the skin takes a bluish tinge.The temperature is not increased, but rather reduced to 35 degrees.It is important to have a person to help in time, otherwise there is the likelihood of death.

Consequences and complications

toadstool poisoning occurs after it has been eating.It is very poisonous mushroom, and carries the risk of not only his body, but also controversy.The latter have one feature - is spread by wind.This allows them to settle on the plants which are located in three meters radius.Therefore, it is important to all employed in the forest berries give away special treatment.The same goes for mushrooms.In good, the harvest near the pale toadstools generally prohibited.

Once the poison is ingested, its action does not develop immediately.A person does not feel any symptoms until day.there are no signs of mushroom happy harvest.This is dangerous and pale toadstool.Before beginning to show the first symptoms, the body is already irreparable harm will be caused.In order to become lethal dose, 30 mg eat enough fungus.Grebe has a pleasant taste, so to distinguish it from the edible mushrooms is practically impossible.Poisons it can not be digested in the stomach, they can be removed only after prolonged heat treatment, drying or freezing.

As part toadstool is a dangerous toxin - amanitin.That it affects the kidneys, liver and central nervous system.Also toxin affects the heart muscle.The consequence of the use of mushrooms can be only death.

pale toadstool poisoning is very dangerous.So, get into the body of toxins that can inflict irreparable harm to a person.The danger lies in the fact that the first symptoms starting to show no earlier than 6 hours, sometimes up to half the period of the day.During this time the body is changing, vital organs occurs defeat.Therefore, the first aid for poisoning is required, and most importantly qualified.It depends on the fate of man.Almost 50% of the cases it ends in death.

to complications not perceive, is to monitor the collected mushrooms.If in doubt, you do not need to put a crop in a basket.Collect anything close to the pale toadstool not worth it.After debate on it may scatter to the wind and hit all around.

Care and timely response to symptoms appeared able to save the life of a person.No need to try to cope with the problem alone.There need qualified medical help.


Today, there are a few basic ways to diagnose.Thus, the general course of events includes clinical, instrumental, toxicology and histopathology diagnosis.

clinical diagnosis.At this point, the doctor examines a patient, listens to his complaints, collects full history.It is important at this stage to talk about what kind of food was eaten and how it is manifested symptoms.

Diagnostics.It may include a specific study of the patient.Usually investigated brain work, collect information on the hourly urine output, hemodynamics of the pulmonary circulation.Sometimes patients are referred to other types of surveys.

Toxicological diagnosis.This method allows to determine the quantitative and qualitative composition of the toxic substances that penetrate into the human body.During the non-specific biochemical research can give an accurate assessment of what impact the toxin has on the body.How it affects the liver, kidneys and other vital organs and systems.

Pathology Diagnostics.This method is applicable only in the case where death occurred.Produced a forensic examination, which is determined on the basis of, the death occurred for some reasons.It also involves the identification of substances that have led to this process.

tests to determine pale toadstool poisoning, not necessarily to take any tests.As additional diagnostic measures a person may be asked to take a blood test and urine.Typically, the symptoms on the face.To determine the presence of severe poisoning can be on only one criteria.

The only thing a person can take a sample of vomit for the determination of the substance or toxin which has caused such a state.Usually, however, in the event of symptoms suffered themselves describe their condition, and tell us what products have been eating.Of course, prescribe treatment difficult without accurate data about the toxin.Therefore, the study and identification of the toxin plays an important role.

first person is the first emergency care, building on his descriptions and symptoms.Then, already held a detailed study of "isolated."It should not be mistakes, the consequences of poisoning pale toadstool aggravating.


diagnostic methods, or rather their complex varies depending on the severity of the medical institution and the patient's condition.Much depends on the level of the hospital, equipping it with special equipment to monitor the patient's condition.

In any case, the doctor needs to know what the patient complains, what its symptoms are exasperated and how long it appears.It is going full history.It is important to know how the brain, if there are deviations in the functionality of other organs.

Usually when determining poisoning, do not use any methods.Everything is clear and so on symptoms and the patient's complaints.It is therefore important to gather all the information and do not miss key points.Performance will not only eliminate the unpleasant symptoms, but also to save the patient's life.After the pale toadstool capable of hitting many important organs and systems.Naturally, the process may be irreversible, and all have been fatal.

Differential diagnosis

If poisoning pale toadstool person begins to pester excessive dryness in the mouth.This is due to the strong dehydration.Can disappear voice appearing agitation.If the state of coma, it is possible respiratory failure rate and shortness of breath.The main distinctive features of poisoning include the appearance of various kinds of symptoms.It usually starts with a headache, and accompanied by nausea, profuse vomiting and intestinal disorders.

When such symptoms, your doctor must gather all data about products that were used recently.After all, they may contain microorganisms that lead to such practices.Laboratory studies can fully confirm the diagnosis.Bacteriological examination is necessary to make the material that was obtained from a patient.In this case, it refers to vomiting, urine, blood.

detect the presence of possible problems during biotoksicheskoy sample.the patient's blood is introduced simply to test animals and their close monitoring begins.This method is not widely appreciated, in fact implies a mockery of the arms.

crops may be held to highlight the botulinum organisms.However, it requires time-consuming, which is unacceptable.A man needs to provide first aid immediately.Typically, such an analysis is sent to the laboratory for diagnosis, and in the meantime to continue the treatment of the victim.

Treatment pale toadstool poisoning

After the man first aid will be provided, the victim sent to the hospital for diagnosis of his condition.It is important to check the availability of all organs and determined with the methods of patient treatment.The victim is to accompany, for yourself to make health care point it will be difficult for him.It is desirable that the person was carrying mushroom samples for diagnosis as well as the contents of vomiting.This will reveal the toxin that caused such state.The survey must pass all members of the affected family.

If confirmed the diagnosis of poisoning pale toadstool, the appropriate treatment is administered.Usually it includes gastric lavage, application specific antidotes to amanitin and phalloidin, blood purification and treatment exotoxic shock.If treatment is started on time and the main bodies do not have time to give up, a person has a chance for a full recovery.Read more about the medicines used for the treatment, as discussed below.

First aid for poisoning pale toadstool

When the first symptoms of poisoning should immediately seek medical advice, it is advisable to call an ambulance.Indeed, in most cases, need qualified medical help.Before the doctor will need to provide first aid to a person.This will greatly protect his life and to reduce the risk of serious consequences.

The first thing a person needs to do a gastric lavage.To do this, the victim should drink 6 glasses of fluid.It is desirable that it was a weak solution of potassium permanganate.In a glass of water, you can add a tablespoon of salt.

Once the victim drink the required amount of fluid you need to induce vomiting.To do this, press two fingers on the tongue.It is desirable to take more and activated charcoal.Suitable as white clay.Then something warm is applied to the legs and abdomen of the victim.The remains of vomit is not completely destroyed, because thanks to it you can diagnose the cause of poisoning.

When the stomach is washed, it should have recourse to adequate treatment.Assigned to it directly specialist and is entirely dependent on the fungus, which were all caused.Do not try to cope alone with the poisoning, it can only exacerbate the situation.The necessary skills.


To eliminate all symptoms caused by poisoning pale toadstool, should apply only proven and effective medicines.Successful treatment depends on how quickly the features shown.Because pale toadstool poisons rather quickly spread into many organs and systems.

main goal of therapy is to fight with strong losses of fluid, as well as chlorides.To combat this you need to first hours after the onset of symptoms.The beneficial effects of having a physiological solution.You must do it slowly, usually the duration of the procedure shall not exceed one hour.Glucose solution as introduced, sufficiently dilute 100-125 grams in 500 ml of Ringer's solution.Last implies a 0.7% sodium chloride solution.Thus the solution should be heated to a temperature of 37 degrees.Gradually decreases glucose administration, then it will be enough 75 grams per 400 ml solution, followed by 50 grams per 300 ml of solution.Ultimately administered alone Ringer's solution.

In order to reinforce the cardiac muscle a person needs three times a day administered intravenously nitrate strychnine to 0,002 grams.He has a positive effect on the central nervous system, as well as tones function vasomotor and respiratory centers.Through the use of this tool to stabilize blood breathing with the breath.

Then resorted by the symptomatic treatment.Man give pantopon in the amount of 0, 02 grams up to 4 times a day, and with the same frequency by 0.01 mg morphine.This will reduce the pain in the abdomen, as well as calm the man.If a person is cold, it is prescribed heart means that tone vasomotor center.To do this, use Caffeine corazole, Gekseton.The dosage prescribed by the doctor, you can not receive funds in case of hypersensitivity to the main components.

Folk treatment

At the first signs of poisoning is necessary to resort to a gastric lavage.This may be applicable solution of sea salt.It is necessary to take a teaspoon of sea salt and purified dilute it in a glass of water.This solution allows induce vomiting and purify thus stomach.For maximum effect, the solution should be consumed 3-4 cups.

When the stomach is cleared, it is necessary to use a glass of vodka with salt.For this purpose, a glass is filled with a third of a teaspoon of finely grind sea salt.Then everything is mixed and drunk.Experts recommend here to add a bit of pepper.

It is desirable to clean and intestines.To do so, make at least 5 enemas hourly intervals therebetween.It also applies saline.It should be on a liter of warm water to pour a tablespoon of salt.

People's treatment of it is definitely good.But pale toadstool poisoning is inappropriate.You can do a gastric lavage alone, the rest of the course of treatment prescribed by the attending physician.