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September 24, 2016 23:09

The most common mistakes in the diet

People often have high expectations for a new diet or, finally, the transition to a healthy diet only, but not uncommon cases where only lasted a week, lose motivation and again taken to the old eating habits.Ilive is the most common mistakes in the diet, which usually interfere with a person to adhere to a balanced diet, maintain a healthy weight and health.

Too much food

Overeating - the main enemy is not only your figure, but also your overall health.The habit of eating one's fill overload your liver and pancreas.In addition, excessive saturation and the energy that a person gets from food, never compensated for physical activity.Low-calorie foods

Do not rely only on low-calorie foods.Despite the fact that sharply reduced the number of calories, you still need a good energy support in the form of carbohydrates.Also, do not neglect the fish and lean meat, because they contain protein and iron.

very fatty foods

At a rate of 80 grams, the average person consumes about 140 grams of

fat.Poor vitamins and fiber diet usually contains an abundance of flour products and fatty foods.


no less important component of a healthy human diet is a diet.Very often, it is chaotic and replete with all sorts of snacks on the go, and those snacks are usually composed of high-calorie, fatty foods.A candy that some lunch or just trying to tame the hunger to make our exchange imbalance substances.


Menu twenty and fifty different person, or rather, to be different, Odaka many people in advanced age do not pay attention to it, continuing to eat fatty foods, sweets and too much alcohol.In order to be healthy and extend their years of his life, just need to follow the diet.The organization of power must be taken into account a person's age, his health, chronic diseases, habitual for him load and lifestyle.

monotonous diet

Unfortunately, there is no miracle product that would have to give your body all the vitamins and minerals group.Diet should include obtaining all necessary nutrients the body, because the human diet should be varied and include not only the favorite, but also useful for the organism food.

Vegetables and fruits

Every day a person must receive the necessary his "dose" of fruits and vegetables - 500-700 grams.They are able to provide the body with minerals, vitamins and fiber, which strengthens the immune system and are a source of strength and health.In winter, we eat less fruit and vegetables, but many do not do it in the summer, replacing the gifts of nature sauces, ketchup and mayonnaise, stuffed with food additives and dyes.

Fast Food

Eating healthy can be beneficial and not only at home, Odaka "not at home" does not imply a nutrition fast food, where in addition to dietary supplements can be found except that artificial flavors.