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September 08, 2016 23:14

What determines the need for protein ?

on the amount of protein the body is influenced by various factors.Protein requirements based on the needs of essential amino acids.Requirements for the nine essential amino acids, defined by WHO, based on the study of nitrogen balance.However, this method causes doubts among some researchers claiming that he seriously underestimates the need for specific population groups, especially such as young people and athletes.

Different tissues use amino acids at different speeds.Muscle during exercise using a branched amino acid side chain, particularly leucine.

One study showed that using a certain amount of oxidized nitrogen balance in the two-hour load leucine and 50% V02max was approximately 90% of the daily requirements therein.

Although the presence of oxidized amino acid in the muscle reflects the enhanced protein utilization, it does not measure protein turnover in the body.

differences in the methods of research to determine the necessary amounts of individual amino acids may change the require

d amount of total protein.But even if in some amino acids theoretically higher demand for physically active people, to get them from food is not difficult.

excess protein will be stored as fat, without stimulating enhanced training.

  • load level.The intensity and duration of the load increase the utilization of protein.Exercises with resistance and endurance also affect the utilization of proteins.Initiation of the program can enhance endurance protein needs about two weeks.Some data suggest that oxidation of leucine above untrained athletes than in trained, training and adaptation period comes, possibly lowering the need for proteins.
  • adequate energy and carbohydrates.If the power supply is inadequate because of diet or reinforced costs, the need for protein increases.An increase in the number of calories improves nitrogen balance.The quality of proteins.High quality protein such as casein, egg protein and contain all the essential amino acids improve protein utilization and promote the minimum number of nitrogen excreted.Protein mixed diet slightly increases the need for it.
  • hormones.In the period of growth (adolescence, pregnancy) in the protein needs increase.
  • Diseases and injuries.Disease is not the same effect on the protein needs of different people, and thus the reaction of each individual.As a result of burns, fever, fractures and surgical trauma the body loses a lot of protein.Athlete in the recovery period after limb fracture may lose 0.3-0.7 kg of protein in all body.