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August 24, 2016 23:11

Massage the breast : indications and technique of

Beautiful breasts - is the pride of women.But not all of the fair field and think about her health to the point, as long as the woman herself, or someone - that of her loved ones, do not face the problem of pathological nature, affecting the bust.Massage the breast - this is one of the items in the prevention of health and youthfulness of the body.Many people are positive about the massage of the spine, lower and upper limbs, but underestimate the similar technique, as applied to the breast.And in vain.

it possible to do breast massage?

turns many wondering whether it is possible to massage the breasts?not even aware of the strength of its impact and the results that can be achieved with the right professional application of these techniques.

And it turns out, can be a lot:

  • The friction and kneading movements lead to an improvement in blood flow, and hence the improvement of the blood supply of processed and portion.
  • increases the overall tone.
  • A similar improvement is observed with limfatokom.
  • There is cleansing the skin pores.
  • dermis gets rid of dead skin areas.
  • Allows you to improve the function of the secrets of the sebaceous and sweat glands.
  • Improves the appearance of the bust.

why massaging the bust is not only possible, but also to do, it is desirable that this was a regular procedure.

Indications for massage breast

Massage - a powerful "weapon" in the struggle with many problems.But precisely this power of its effects on the body and makes some restrictions on its use.Therefore it is necessary to know the indications for its conduct of those diagnoses, in the formulation of which its application is inadmissible.It should be remembered that these constraints can be either permanent or temporary (after the elimination of the source of disease, this procedure can be resolved).

to pathology for which permitted breast massage, include:

  • mastitis.
  • Mastitis.
  • fibrous - cystic disease of the breast.
  • prevention of many diseases.In some pathologies viewed events are one of the medical therapies.
  • Correction of the breast.Increasing its size.

Another advantage held massaging can be called and the fact that it in some way and can be considered as a diagnostic event.It happens during the procedure palpation, which reveals tumors appeared in the form of separate units - seals.

How to massage the breasts?

But any business requires skills.Without them you can not only get the expected performance, but also lead to a negative result.Therefore, it is desirable to seek help from a professional massage therapist, or if the chest condition permits, carry out this procedure themselves.But before you begin to self-realization of the plan, you must wonder how to do breast massage?

To find the answer, you can seek the advice of the same masseur, or learn more about the techniques and the sequence of movements of the articles and commercials on social networks.But here, we should stipulate that any medical event held in the home must be approved and permitted by the attending physician.

Massage breast involves a number of stages.Initially held stroking, then begin to knead section, after which transferred smoothly to the intermittent vibrations, comparable to punctures.The difference of these procedures on the chest and other parts of the body is the skin of the bust is very thin and delicate, requiring accurate and soft touch.

The choice of specific techniques and methods depends on the task that stands in front of the masseur:

  • Increase bust size.
  • stagnation in the mammary gland.
  • insufficient secretory breast operations.
  • Disease Prevention.
  • Maintaining breasts in good shape.
  • decision other purposes.

In order to properly do the procedure, you must have an idea about the structure of the female breast, the location of its muscles, blood flow, breast, and other components.

little about the structure of the body under consideration.Skin in this area is quite thin, easily dislodged, and is provided with a sufficiently large number of sebaceous glands.The upper area shows the pectoralis major muscle and deeper beneath them, arranged small.The side cover of the serratus anterior muscle.Bottom - under the breast begins oblique muscle.It protects breast adipose tissue.Present as lymph and blood vessels lactiferous sinuses.

massage technique

breast To get the maximum effect from the procedure, if it is properly massage technique breast with all its nuances.

Depending on the purpose of the event, it can be carried out in a sitting position, lying on your side or on your back.It is desirable to use special creams.If there is no, you can do a children's cream.

  • necessary to prepare the area for more active massaging.The surface of the primary stroke, palm flat, or circular motion of both hands.Movement produced from the bottom up, from the nipple to the pectoralis major and to the rostral - shoulder muscle.It is necessary to ensure that hand slid over the dermis, not much shifting it.
  • During the procedure, you must avoid touching the nipple, except for special assignments (if diagnosed his ceasing, and so on).
  • then in turn produced selectively massaging of individual groups of muscles: diaphragm, serratus anterior, external intercostal muscles and big breast.

procedure itself is divided into five methods: stroking, rubbing, kneading, effleurage and vibration.One without the other gives a positive result, but the greatest effect can be achieved only by combining them in a combined procedure.It remains to briefly look at each technique separately.

Stroking - smooth, without pressure, sliding movement, is considering all zones.Usually they go palm in a circular motion clockwise.

Rubbing held pads phalanges (or palms) active enough circular and zigzag movements.

Kneading is carried out slowly, smoothly gliding fingertips over the surface.This results in compression and pridavlivaniya tissues.It should only remember spending the procedure that the motion must be careful, but the effort is strictly metered.The fingers must slide smoothly on the surface, preventing the surface of injury.Effleurage - this technique is a series of light, soft and jerky strokes.This technique can be performed as an edge palms and phalanges pads.Mostly strikes are often, but one by one: the fingers of one, the fingers of the other hand.Vibrations produced springy, frequent, staccato tapping.When this is allowed to use as a palm edge, palms and fingertips.The move must be from the areola to the base of the breast.

At the end of the procedure should be the thumb and forefinger of one hand to seize the chest at its base, and the other to compress the nipple (peripapillary circle), and then the second hand to make a circular stroking movement.

The final point of the procedure will be stroking.

Arm movements must be in the course of the location of the muscle fibers.

Modern clinics offer their patients not only classical massage.To activate the breast work can be practiced and the technique of massaging spot.The main thing to determine the necessary acupuncture points, which are located in the area of ​​the shoulder girdle, the interscapular zone and in the thyroid area.

Massage the breast while feeding

The joy of motherhood.The birth of a little man, and the first of its attachment to the breast.It is a miracle of nature, which never ceases to surprise.At this time, the breast feeding mother is able to be increased by two - three sizes, because the baby needs a lot of milk.

But at the same place and not very pleasant to the skin changes cover.In the epidermis appear stretch marks.After all, due to the fact that volumes are increasing bust, skin has to stretch.As breastfeeding is stopped, chest starts to reduce its size, but stretch marks (striae) remain on the surface.They differ from the nipple to the periphery of the pink stripes thinning of the skin.And if nothing is done with it, then stretch marks, changing hue to white, remain for life.

Therefore massage the breast while feeding - it is a necessity that will allow women to avoid a lot of trouble later, related to health and aesthetic appearance of female pride.After all, except that stretching is carried out preventive maintenance, activates lactation.Just be warned of stagnation, which subsequently could provoke lactostasis development (low flow of milk in the milk routes and congestion) and other pathological changes in the breast.For example, mastitis.

Against this procedure, improves the blood circulation and, consequently, tissue nutrition.Massage - it's like charging for the muscles.His regular strengthens ligament - muscular system, forming the shape of the chest and making it more toned, not flabby.

How to massage the breast during lactation, and what recommendations should be followed?

  • procedure starts from the periphery to hold the upper part of the chest.First it strokes.
  • Then elastic finger pressure in a spiral begins massaging the point-by-point, gradually moving to the nipple.
  • duration of each study area - a few seconds.
  • again go to the stroking.
  • followed by elaborate nipples and peripapillary mugs, holding them between thumb and forefinger.
  • After slightly bent torso, chest shake.This simple process will allow the milk easier to pass through the exit ducts of the nipple.
  • Complete procedure is desirable warm shower, alternately directing a jet of water is scattered on one breast, then the other.

Massage breast at lactostasis

lactostasis - this is probably not a disease as such, but the deviation from the normal flow of breast milk in the milk ducts, in which there is a blockage of one or more channels, which provokes the appearance of stagnant processes.It should be noted that this deviation is only able to occur during lactation.

During occlusion, milk is trapped and can not escape, which leads to the seals.Starts and palpable pain.If such a situation did not take adequate measures, possible complications.

Quite often in the background of the developing lactostasis increased body temperature indicators, the woman begins to feel discomfort in the chest, general weakness and fatigue of the body.

This state frightens a young mother.But the problem is solved.And this can help massage the breast with lactostasis, which is considered the main method of relief of the problem.

But it is worth noting that these actions must take place with adherence to all rules and recommendations.It should be remembered, and security.

  • Massaging should be aimed at relaxing the seal areas that will safely bring their stagnant fluid flow.In fact - it is pumping.That is massaging movements are necessarily from the periphery to the nipple.The only way to bring stagnant milk out.
  • themselves manipulating hands must consist only of rubbing and stroking.Tougher manipulation is prohibited.Previously, before the procedure, you should try to sit, rest and relax emotionally, which will relax the muscle tissue.If
  • touch brings young mom unbearable pain, the procedure is allowed to move within the spirit.Jets of water should be warm (not over 37 degrees) and scattered.

It is worth to warn nursing mothers, that if pain is felt locally in one place, and seal palpation does not move, and this pattern is observed for more than two days, an urgent need to seek the advice of your doctor.This is due to the fact that long-term stagnation of milk - a straight road to the development of mastitis.

Massage with breast fibroadenoma

When diagnosing this disease need a few to reconsider some of their habits, and perhaps a few correct the schedule.This massage with fibroadenoma breast resolved, but still before the beginning is advisable to consult a specialist and undergo a short course on mastering the basics and techniques of massaging.

only with the permission of the doctor, and having mastered the technique on breast exposure, you can start treatment - preventive procedure.

Massage breast cancer

It all depends on the state of the tumor and the period in which the patient is located.And those activities that are permitted to use only solves the treating oncologist in a given period - mammolog.

This massage in breast cancer, in principle, for example, but only in case of disease remission, and with the proviso that it will hold an expert.

can massage the breasts and on their own (with the permission of the attending doctor), but only the right, taking into account all the recommendations.

massage after a mastectomy

After any surgery, the patient is waiting for the recovery period, which is represented by a complex of rehabilitation measures.

After mastectomy, the patient is observed stiffness in the shoulder and arm movements on the part of the operation, deteriorating the flow of lymph.At the same time it appears the brain and spinal pain, she begins to slouch.To speed recovery, the doctor prescribed to patients specific exercises and massaging.It is these events and can speed up recovery time pol6nogo.

Lymphatic drainage massage breast

Breast Massage - a complex of measures aimed at strengthening and restoring the body, as well as other systems and structures of the breast.The essence of these techniques is to stimulate blood circulation, microcirculation and normal lymph flow, improve nutrition of cells and development of connective - support system, which invariably leads to the normal functioning of all systems of the body (and the specific area in particular), healthy skin and beauty of the structure and shape of the breast.

Lymphatic drainage massage the breast makes it possible to freely pass through the lymph lymph circulation, preventing its stagnation, which is very important for the health of the woman.

After lymph protects and cleans the body.It allows you to delete all the "garbage" (toxins, the result of the decomposition, recycling products and foodstuffs), parallel to the decontamination of the body.It is thanks to our chest lymph protected from invading flora and other negative internal and external influences.

Lymphatic drainage in the tissues of the breast and surrounding glandular cells with edema allows you to clear blood vessels and lymph ducts that helps to normalize the process of transportation of hazardous substances to the place of their utilization.Such manipulations allow to balance the operation of all systems and organs, making them more harmonious.

Such massaging, in the absence of - or contraindications, should be carried out every day (if you can not sustain this mode, at least one - two times a week).Only in this case we can speak about health, preventive measures that prevent the development of many diseases.Only thus can count on long-term preservation shapes their beautiful breasts.

beautiful magnificent bust - the pride of every woman, but it does not mean that it will always such.