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September 07, 2016 23:12

Meals Montignac : pros and cons

Renowned author, a French national and a nutritionist by profession published his first book in 1987.His name is Michel Montignac.This ingenious French nutritionist successfully promotes its ideas on losing weight in weight so far.It will render the honor to him, let's talk today about nutrition at Montignac.

Meals Montignac - what is it?

Michel Montignac very skillfully combined the principle of compatibility of products.His diet - this is only a few exceptions to your usual products - the exclusion of sugar (except brown), white flour, soda, flour (white) and white rice.Allowed to eat pasta, unrefined cereals, bread (corn) and other food that contains carbohydrates.

Just do not make the mistake, do not use together with starchy foods that relates more to fatty foods, as will start to stand out insulin and body fat will gradually accumulate.It is necessary to choose, sitting down at the table, you will use this time, proteins or carbohydrates.Or maybe you decide to combine it fats with carbohyd


Separately eat fruit, they are easily absorbed in the body.They should eat a half an hour before receiving the basic food.

Schedule power on the Montignac diet in

primarily with a diet Minimize the intake of carbohydrates and fats.They must be present in your diet, but in small quantities.From 1 to 3 months will have to sit on cereals, chicken without skin, low-fat meat and lots of vegetables.

to your weight did not return, subject to the second phase of the diet, eat everything, except what we have described above.We need to combine foods wisely.

Power Pros at Montignac

  1. Many vitamins will flow into your body through fruit, meat or other products - is good news.
  2. lack of hunger as the food you choose for themselves and by themselves the products that have been proposed, is very nutritious.
  3. Eat if you like sweets or pastries.Just do not overdo it.
  4. Montignac in his work points to a variety of dishes that can be prepared in compliance with its diet.
  5. After this diet lost weight had not returned when you return to a normal life.

malnutrition at Montignac

  • Ready saturated different components of food may not suit you, as if their components are combined with each other.It is better to have each product separately.
  • Same great efforts you make to cook hot meals suitable.


Meals Montignac please many, so we recommend this diet is for people who want to lose weight and lead a healthy lifestyle.Bon Appetit!