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September 07, 2016 23:12

Tea tree oil in Gynecology

tea tree oil in gynecology common pathologies, the genesis of which is based on fungi, bacteria or viruses.Basically it is thrush, inflammation of the vulva or vagina.

With the purpose of treatment used oil at an inflammation of the vagina in the form of applying swabs.The solution for this is prepared by diluting oil of 1 drop of a glass of water.By this means it is necessary to soak a tampon into the vagina and placed the night.If, however, use will be made during the day, then change tampons should be more often.

cope with vaginitis help baths, which are prepared with a few drops of oil and water.Such procedures are repeated twice daily up to a quarter of an hour duration.

Tea tree oil from yeast

Tea tree oil from yeast must be in the presence of mind of its ability to cause the death of fungal pathogens.Because Candida is a milkman, so douching, and tampons with oil gives a good result.

Means for irrigation consists of 5 drops of oil and a liter of water up to 45 degrees.Syringing the prepa

red solution is applied once a day, which ensures destruction of fungi.

this purpose can prepare a solution of 7 drops of oil, water glass and 45 degrees and 2 g of soda.The combination of these components provides quick results.

Tea tree oil from yeast gives the best effect when combined with other natural substances.Means for impregnating the tampon is prepared from aloe, buckthorn oil (20 g), 5 drops of oil and the same volume of a lavender oil.The resulting solution has antifungal and analgesic effect.The swab should be placed in the vagina overnight.

For prophylaxis is allowed to use a few drops deposited on a daily pad to prevent infection.

Tea tree oil in cystitis

Cystitis and other inflammatory processes of the urinary organs manifest similar clinical manifestations.This often nagging abdominal pain visa discomfort when emptying the bladder at the beginning or end of urination.Depending on these nuances can be suspected urethritis or cystitis.

also may change urine with a predominance of white blood cells, bacteria and mucus.However, despite the differences in symptoms, the tea tree oil in cystitis can get rid of them in a week.With the purpose of treatment used hip baths.

It is advisable to use multiple oils in order to achieve maximum results in the shortest possible time.Thus, it is possible to combine tea tree 3 drops, cypress and juniper - to 2. Adding them into the water temperature around 50 degrees, it is advisable to take a bath about a quarter of an hour.

Tea tree oil is also in cystitis combined with other oils such as bergamot, thyme and cypress.Taking 2 drops of tea tree, and one - the remaining components, you get another tray when you add them in warm water.Their acceptance should continue until the disappearance of clinical symptoms, but when symptoms intensity strengthening and raising the temperature to see a doctor.

tea tree oil in gynecology prophylactic can be used by adding a couple drops of oil in a hygienic means.This is done as follows: on hand to pour funds, lather it and add a couple of drops of oil.Thus, in the process of the toilet takes place the pudenda disinfection of skin and mucous membranes.