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September 01, 2016 23:11

How to determine the diagnosis after tests ?

balance of hormones in the body - the value is so fickle and their rules are so different that it is difficult to doctors to determine the presence of disease.How to do it after the test results?

How to distinguish an imbalance of hormones from other diseases?

imbalance of hormone levels in the body can be easily confused with the symptoms of various diseases, especially reproductive system and thyroid gland.

In these diseases decreases the level of sex hormones and those produced by the thyroid gland.From this it may be depression, develop ovarian disease, chronic candidiasis, insomnia and other bad condition of the body.

Home - hormone imbalance distinguished from chronic diseases, the symptoms of which can be similar to symptoms of hormonal instability.

Medical examination

his forces to observe the state of the organism and its well-known picture of the state of health, you should use the following analytical methods.

medical card

What's so special, you say?The medical card is at

all.However, your card will be very special, only yours.And it will not only record the state of your health but also the health of your family members, changes in their health.

glued to the test results and X-ray and be sure to record the date.So you will be able to analyze information about the periods of exacerbations and periods that are favorable to health.This will allow to exacerbations take all measures and eliminate them.

survey themselves

You can do this is that without the help of a doctor.Each month, immediately after the passage of menstrual inspect their breasts.Do they swell?Retained pain?Is there a tumor that can be felt with your fingers?

Finding bad symptoms, immediately consult a doctor for further examination.

Make sure that there are any new moles and how to look old.Are there any hardness, to them, if the liquid is released.This survey is best done 1 time in 6 months to 35 years and.

After 35 years and it is important to be examined more often - every month.If you find a suspicious symptoms - see your doctor.

Regular surveys at the attending physician

Ideally, this should be your family doctor, who in the course of your disease and heredity.What is important to inspect and maintain records?

  1. Weight and height - every year
  2. Blood pressure - at the age of 14-40 years - every year.At the age of 40 - every 4 months (if the pressure drops do not bother).
  3. At the age of 50 and after - every month.
  4. a tendency to elevated or reduced pressure - every week.

pressure should be measured individually on the recommendation of a doctor with a frequency which he would recommend, if you suffer from the following factors.

  • Pressure drops (abrupt)
  • you are taking hormones on the recommendation of a doctor
  • You had surgery for hysterectomy or removal of ovaries
  • If you have heart disease and vascular
  • If you have obesity (weight is notless than 10% larger than normal)
  • If you smoke
  • If you abuse alcohol
  • If you have diabetes or a tendency to it
  • If you have thyroid
  • disease If you have chronic kidney disease and liver

pelvic Examination

it is made 1 time per year - two after the man started sexual life.After 40 years of such surveys are often required - 1 per year.

If a woman of any age, including young, underwent surgery on the uterus and ovaries, as well as removal of tumors, it is necessary to examine the pelvic organs are not rarer than 1 time in 3 years.

survey using smears

They need to be done every year after the woman started having sex.If

smears showed a negative result, making them 1 every 1-3 years between the ages of 18 and 40 years.

As soon as the woman was 40 years old, smears should be done 1 time per year.

once in three years smears should be done after surgery on the uterus and ovaries, removal of tumors.

biopsy tissue inside the uterus

(endometrium) This should be done every year.Especially those people who have immunity to progestin, estrogen and progesterone (female sex hormones).

especially important to be screened, if you have ...

  • delays or lack of ovulation
  • hereditary predisposition to infertility
  • Bleeding on other days, except monthly
  • therapy using hormones - estrogen, particularly after menopause
  • If bleeding after menopause you still continue
  • If you are taking psychotropic drugs

bone density

This is done after 40 years inclusive.If a woman has a tendency to bone fragility, bone density analysis made earlier.A safe method of diagnosis is the method of X-ray absorptiometry.

If using this method, you will measure the volume of the back and thighs, it will give an accurate picture of your bone diseases.

This is because the bones of the spine and hips are destroyed faster than the bones of the wrists or feet.Therefore, the initial stage of the destruction of the bone tissue was clearly visible on these analyzes.

ultrasound or mammogram

  • mammogram do the first time after 35 years, and if their relatives do not have cancer.
  • If the cancer in the family are present, a mammogram is best done before the 35 years and.
  • surveys Frequency should be at least 1 time in 1-2 years at the age of 40-50 years.
  • surveys Frequency should be at least 1 time per year, if a woman is already 50 years old.
  • surveys Frequency should be at least 1 times a year under the age of 35 years and, if a family of cancer patients.


Survey The survey can determine if and to direct intestine bleeding, which is not visible.This survey makes 1 per year after the age of 40 years.


Method Use it to identify polyps, bleeding, tumors.This is done after 50 years and every 3 years.

If a person has relatives with cancer, and he is suffering from tumors, hidden or overt, colonoscopy every year.

survey using electrocardiograms

It is made every 4 years after the age of 40 years.The only amendment: if a woman is in a state of frequent stress tests may not show an accurate picture.

electrocardiogram done once a year, if a woman is obese or she has a chronic disease.In particular, - chest pain, difficulty breathing, shortness of breath.

Flyuroograficheskoe examination

It is made each year.In particular - if you smoke, you drink a lot, or are suffering from tumors.

If you have all the normal health examination at least 1 time per year can be carried out.

infections, sexually transmitted

These analyzes do 1 time per year.They can be done more often if a person is suffering from infections periodically.

Screening for tuberculosis

It is made 1 time per year to eliminate the risk of developing TB disease at any age.

The results of these analyzes will be signals to you about how to treat their own health and how to carry out additional inspections.