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Exercises Triceps

August 24, 2016 23:11

The program of exercises for hands : Strong arms

Run this program in whole or in sections.Remember that the biceps act as secondary drives in many exercises on the muscles of the back and triceps are assisted in many movements, which strengthens the chest and shoulders.So think about how to train your triceps on the same days as the chest and shoulder muscles, to create additional load.By the same token do exercise on biceps in those da...

August 24, 2016 23:11

Presses lying : strong , stronger , strongest

Use bench Progressive results: Strong Exercise should be varied, but all have their limits.If you will perform challenging exercises before you have mastered the basics, you just fall down on the floor.We have designed for you a 6-week exercise program that will provide you a uniform progression. will take you to the traditional, simple exercises to more complex - and more effectiv...

August 24, 2016 23:11

Push-ups to build muscle

5 variants of push-ups you can perform anywhere Remember when you went to gym class and the teacher made you fall to the floor and do 20 push-ups?It may seem to you a sadist and a tyrant, and you swore that they no longer follow a single push-ups when finally get rid of him.But think again.Push-ups - this is one of the most convenient ways to pump up the muscles of the chest, not to men...

August 24, 2016 19:44

Emphasize your triceps

You probably know that your triceps take up most of the hand than the biceps, but most men are still paid less attention to them.How to fix it: use exercises such as push-ups and exercises for the abdominal muscles, to strengthen the arms.These variations can help you pump up the strong triceps. Pushups triceps develop strength, endurance and balance Put a large medicine ball on th...