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Facts About Sports Nutrition

September 06, 2016 23:13

The energy value for the anaerobic and aerobic physical activities

energy, providing exercise and activity is formed by chemical bonds of food.Ways of energy accumulation and its distribution in the body are many and varied.Energy provides the activity of cells and a reduction in muscle fibers.Exercising, based on factors such as the speed of contraction of muscle fibers depends on the availability of energy in the muscle fibers, therefore, the preservat...

September 06, 2016 23:13

Energy Metabolism of carbohydrates , fats and proteins

accumulation of nutrients containing energy - carbohydrates (glucose), proteins (amino acids) and fat (fatty acid) - is a single process.Excess of these substances accumulate in the form of fat.Glucose can be used for the synthesis of amino acids, some amino acids - to glucose synthesis.However, these are -processes for energy consumption, for example, 5% of the energy is lost in the accu...

September 06, 2016 23:13

Type of muscle fibers and the way energy storage for training

There are several types of muscle fibers.Type I, or slow-twitch muscle fibers, which have a relatively slow rate reductions.They use mostly the aerobic pathway and contain many mitochondria with a high level of enzymes required for aerobic pathways of energy production (ie. E. The enzymes required in the Krebs cycle and the transport chain of electrons), they have a higher density of capi...

September 05, 2016 23:12

Anabolic steroids : what everyone should know ?

Anabolic steroids used to enhance physical performance and muscle growth.If they are taken for a long time in high doses and without medical supervision, it can cause eccentric and irrational behavior and a wide range of somatic side effects. to anabolic steroids include testosterone and other drugs and pharmacologically similar to testosterone inducing muscle growth.Anabolic steroids ha...

September 05, 2016 23:12

The products for burning fat : a list of the best food

Eating certain foods requires considerable expenditure of calories.And based on this principle, many popular diets, the purpose of which is to reduce body weight.Dietitians determined the best foods for burning fat, which supplies not only spoil the figure, but also fraught with health problems. products for burning fat: the thermal effect and fiber fat accumulates when the energy cons...