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November 24, 2016 00:02

Inguinal hernia in children : Symptoms and Treatment of inguinal hernia in a child

Danae pathology does not occur so often, usually in 2% of cases.Inguinal hernia is nothing else than the protrusion of abdominal contents through the inguinal canal, in children this process may disappear on their own.hernia appears capable on the one hand, and with the two simultaneously.Often it is diagnosed in boys under the age of one year. reasons Symptoms Consequences Compli...

September 24, 2016 23:09

Congenital inguinal hernia : causes, symptoms , diagnosis, treatment

Congenital inguinal hernia - a protrusion of the surrounding elements of the internal organs in the region of the inguinal canal, which is an anomaly since birth.Most often in the groin bag can get intestinal loop and part of the gland, at least -. Egg, round uterine ligaments, the site of the bladder, etc. This pathology can occur alone or in combination with other anomalies.For example, w...

September 24, 2016 23:09

The consequences of an inguinal hernia

Inguinal hernia is considered to be quite a common disease and can be treated good, but as with any disease, can have some complications.Consequences of inguinal hernias occur when the wrong treatment with no treatment at all, as well as for individual reasons. very presence of an inguinal hernia is already quite serious danger.A violation of the integrity of the groin internal organs (par...

September 23, 2016 23:09

Inguinal - scrotal hernia : causes, symptoms , diagnosis, treatment

Flexing elements of the abdominal cavity through the inguinal canal is characterized as inguinal-scrotal hernia.Such a condition may be congenital or occur simultaneously with the age-related changes, and the male part of the population is observed much more frequently than women. pathology responds well to treatment, especially timely.Advanced cases may face infringement of hernia sac and...

September 23, 2016 23:09

Inguinal hernia in women : Symptoms and Treatment

Inguinal hernia - a pathology, in which due to the weakening of the abdominal wall occurs loss of the peritoneum and internal organs in the inguinal region, women are usually the disease develops after age 40.This status brings a lot of inconvenience to the person and can lead to serious consequences. Most often hernias occur in men, but women are also prone to developing the disease, most...

September 23, 2016 23:09

Complications after removal of inguinal hernia

matter how gentle was not a method of surgery, but the operation is the operation.To a greater or lesser extent, by using any method, there is a possibility of complications after removal of the inguinal hernia. most often konstatiruemye: Contact with wound infections.Suppuration of the surgical wound.Prophylactically or for relief, the patient takes antibiotics. Violation of the integ...