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August 24, 2016 23:11

How to get rid of aphids on cucumbers , remove the black aphids + video

Content What aphid Chemicals or folk methods spraying with a solution of ash and soap Spraying plant infusions and decoctions Aphids - slow-moving insects are small in size, represent a threat to cucumbersand zucchini.Active period - the middle of summer, and the plants in the greenhouse begin to suffer from late spring.Despite the small size, they can be detected by the nake...

August 24, 2016 23:11

Cut pears : how to cut it in the summer and autumn + scheme and videos

Content Why cut pear season of pruning young tree Pruning Rejuvenation pruning Pruning of columnar pears spring gardeners are beginning to ask questions about the care of the garden.It is not enough to whitewash the trunks of lime, make a well for irrigation and fertilizers feed the trees for a guaranteed yield.Fruit trees should be regularly cut, and deal with this matter ...

August 24, 2016 19:44

Pruning raspberries : how to cut it in the summer , fall and spring + video

Content Spring pruning Summer pruning Autumn pruning double cropping Pruning raspberries remontant Many gardeners claim that raspberry - one of the least fastidious plant in their garden.But this misconception is partly true.Pruning raspberries need to make every year, and in special cases even more than once a year.Proper care of the shrub - is the key model crop.The huge ...